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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Verdict is in on Vermont

Hello my friends, I and my husband are enjoying every minute in Ludlow Vermont. I think we covered the whole state (its not very big) . I cannot begin to tell you of all the wonderful people we have met. Many have invited us into their homes and not even knowing us. We have been antiquing the whole state. Found several treasures. But for the most part antique shops are far and few between. I did not find one primitive store here. There is no country register to check into. So that was a little disappointing. And there were several antique shops that were very very pricey. It makes my store prices seem like a Walmart bargain so to speak. That just goes to show it all depends on the demographics. The scenery is just beautiful. Lots of mountains.
Have been learning alot at the Fletcher farm school for arts taught by Amy Oxford. So many techniques I have learned and shading and working with lots of different textures. Just love it all. They have been long days but well worth it all. We had also visited early during weekend an old cemetary called holly hill cemetary in Vermont in an old town which quarrys marble. So all the Stones are done in marble and let me tell you what art work! This cemetary has so many different sculptures (headstones) I will try to post some. Hope to be back home next week. Missing my family, friends and store. Our Old mill has its foundation poured under it and should be ready to have building set down on it soon. Will keep you posted on this journey. Take care.

We had also met a colorful gentleman that invited Ross and I to his home today. He had redone a late 1700's house. Wow, I was so jealous! A house to dye for. Well enjoy the pics. I put a few of Niagra falls pics on here to. Will post later.


KittyWampus said...

Oh I'm SO jealous Theresa! The pictures are gorgeous - and I LOVE old cemetaries!!! YIKES!! A little slice of heaven. Good journies and safe travels home. Hugs & Smiles-Robin

Gatherings said...

Looks a litte snowy up there! Nice and green back here! Hope your enjoying the trip!