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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My original designed rug finally finished.

Hi folks, Wasn't it just a beautiful day today? I had the windows open, and heard nothing but peace and quiet. It was wonderful. I thought I would just hook for about a half hour of my rug, and before I knew it I had it finished. Well all hooked except for hemming. It is a 2x3. Now my next project is another design I came up with and needs to be completed by Sept. and turned in to Amy Oxford as part of teachers course. So I am about to get started on that . Oh I thought Id show you my new addition to my collection of spinning wheels. This one of course came out of Vermont. Love the colors and style dont you? Oh and the sugar bucket has a crossed stitched pc of material on top of lid. I plan to replace that with a rug hooked pc of mine. Well that is all the ramblings I have for you all today. Hope tommorrow brings smiles to everyones faces! Blessings to all.


Primsue said...

Hi Theresa, I love the bucket and love the spinning wheel - but OMGoodness, your rug is gorgeous! You did a wonderful job!


katie said...

I don't know anything about spinning wheels, but that is a different shaped one from ones I've seen.
I love the rug with the hearts connected.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Theresa,
I love your 'original design' rug...very nice.

Beautiful spinning wheel. Don't think I've ever seen one painted before and the sugar bucket will be gorgeous with one of your hooked pieces on it.

I am working on my rug and I'm going to be short on the green I bought from you...AND I CAN'T FIND MY RECEIPT with the color number on it.
Can I send you a strip of wool and have you send me another square all cut????