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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The snow is comming

Hello everyone, sorry Ive not blogged in a few days. I have been very busy at the store. Business has been super. Hope it keeps up. I am going to head off to a few trade shows at the beginning of the year. Hope to find some real nice things for spring. See I have to stay a few steps ahead of seasons and holidays. And Christmas is started again in January for looking for things.

So I will have to show off my new find. I have to pic it up yet. It is a mid 1800's pine cupboard. Its a monster size one pc ( Im crazy I know) But just beautiful patina. cant wait to put my yellowware bowls in it. Picture will come later. I hope I can find a spot in my house for it, or it will have to go to the store for sale.

I heard from someone yesterday in my store that we could get a nasty snow storm. Maybe up to 10". Winter has arrived. Ill share a pic of a winter scene on my farm. Hope everyone has a great day. I know Im planning on it.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cabin pictures

The first 2 pictures here are one on left is bathroom outhouse, across on the right (actually the next bottom pic for you) is the shower. The rest is explanatory. I will take more pics of outside when I can. It was a gloomy late day, so outside pic of cabin was to dark. Hope that everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as I did. Remember that Kenda and Scott just barely moved into their cabin , its only been 2 days, so their personal touches have yet to be seen. I can hardly wait, can you? I wonder if anyone out there will send me some pics of their decorated christmas trees or holiday decor or displays. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to share them with everyone on this blog.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tore down and reconstructed log home almost finished

This home is the work of Kenda and Scott. They have been working on this cabin for 2 and half yrs. They purchased 2 old 1800s log homes, disassembled from elseware and then joined them together onto their property. They have painstackenly recreated a home that would take you back to a log home in the 1800s. Just stepping back in time, to simply put it. The details of this home are not to be missed. Electrifying old lanterns, recycling barn boards as flooring, ceilings, and walls, not to mention the one of a kind kitchen sink built and designed by my husband Ross. The couple still have many tasks to complete, but they are almost there. This is an amazing home to say the least! With any luck I will have it on my tour of homes of YORE next year. Details about tour of homes will come later. Please enjoy a few of the cabin pics.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Well today was busy for me. Would of loved to have a few more days off to play catch up with house work.. Lots of new goodies came to the store. Antiques of course. Would really like to have you people blog with me. It would make this site more interesting. Does anyone have any good pics of their home decor at christmas/holiday times? Send them to me so that I can share with others on this blog.

Monday, November 9, 2009


YORE COUNTRY HOME: My idea of a fun day off

My idea of a fun day off

Good morning to all. Nice day so far. Heading out this morning with hubby to pick up many nice antiques from a gal near milwaukee that is downsizing and needed to get rid of all her antiques. She contacted me, sent me pics of a few pieces and so the story goes... We went to her place, OMG!!! Her place was filled to the roof with wonderful antique country farmhouse pieces!!!!! I asked her what all was for sale, and guess what.... everything, I mean everything I seen was for sale. Tallk about a kid in a candy store!!!!!! So this morning my husband and I are picking up our 2nd load of things. I told her I was going to take another look again. She just had to many things to look at and when we were first there, it was late in evening.

Its nice when you get such an opportunity at such nice pcs and without anyone else competing for the same things. I had it all to myself. Will show pics of purchases as I can. And one last note.... The gal that I am purchasing all this from is so nice. Her and her husband are civil war reenactors. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend. We had our Holiday open house this weekend. Very busy. Was so nice to see everyone. Some neat things left our store. I thought that we could start this blog by taking questions, comments or really great pics that you would like to share of a room you've decorated or a spot. Or a fabulous find that you would love to show and tell. Or maybe just a wonderful recipe. Would love to hear from you. I would really love it if customers would send in photos of a piece that they purchased at Yore, and how it has been decorated. So come on, lets start sharing!!!

Also want to mention that I have a website with pics of inside store and inside my home. www.yorecountryhome.com

Check out my website also at www.yorecountryhome.com


Hello everyone,

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weekend. Just starting this blog, so I do not know much about it yet, but I will get the hang of it. Just finished a wonderful Holiday open house. Hope you had a chance to attend. Had some really great items go out the door.

Just thought Id start out my blog with questions from you about decorating or if you have a picture of a room or spot that you had decorated and are really proud of it, please share. Its always fun to see what others out there are doing. I am always telling my customers that when they buy something from the store, send me pics to see just what or how they decorated that piece.

Also, lets share holiday recipes. Fast, easy, and inexpensive is always good.. I Just found a great recipe, ....

Carmel, pecan pretzel

Take pretzels, lay on cookie sheet single layer

Take a rolo carmel candy, unwrapped of course, lay it on top of each pretzel pc.

Put in oven at 275 degrees just until camel melts slightly.

Put on top of each pc of pretzel with carmel a pecan pc.

Let cool. Enjoy.

Quick, easy, and tasty too.

Take out cookie sheet