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Monday, April 25, 2011


Hi folks, Im soooooo excited to be letting you know that we are in the works preparing to open the doors to our Rug hooking/quilters/crafters retreat. I have so many ideas for decorating this place. We will start out housing 16 women. We are calling our retreat "Mill Creek Settlement". The setting will be like your stepping back into the 1800's. I hope anyways. Hoping to open by late summer. Still plucking away at the mill too. Also I am gearing up to start up my punch needle rug hooking classes. The shop was torn apart a few days ago as to make way for tables and more wool and supplies. It looks great. Had to wonderful friends help me out. Anyways just thought Id share some updates with you as to what the heck I had been doing here on the farm. Just went to The amish greenhouse today and bought many beautiful hanging baskets for the retreat. Hope I can keep them alive now. Stay tuned. If interested in or have any questions regarding the retreat or classes please feel free to contact me. Well thats all the ramblings I have for you today. I am in the works of doing a blog for my retreat also and as each room gets done I will post it. Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My original designed rug finally finished.

Hi folks, Wasn't it just a beautiful day today? I had the windows open, and heard nothing but peace and quiet. It was wonderful. I thought I would just hook for about a half hour of my rug, and before I knew it I had it finished. Well all hooked except for hemming. It is a 2x3. Now my next project is another design I came up with and needs to be completed by Sept. and turned in to Amy Oxford as part of teachers course. So I am about to get started on that . Oh I thought Id show you my new addition to my collection of spinning wheels. This one of course came out of Vermont. Love the colors and style dont you? Oh and the sugar bucket has a crossed stitched pc of material on top of lid. I plan to replace that with a rug hooked pc of mine. Well that is all the ramblings I have for you all today. Hope tommorrow brings smiles to everyones faces! Blessings to all.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Hi folks, It feels so wonderful to be back home, sleep in my own bed, and to hear peace and quiet all night. This was the most time spent away from home. I did enjoy our time in Vermont. Met some wonderful people, seen breathtaking scenery. The one thing I thought was really cool was that you could smell the lingering aroma of wood mixed with a maple scent just about everywhere you went in Vermont, It was due to the fact that their making their maple syrup now. Just loved that.

I finished my course on punch needle rug hooking and am now certified as an instructor/teacher. Learned so much. So many techniques learned, and well anyways I cant wait to teach my first class. We drove straight home and even hit a rough patch of bad weather for about 10 minutes. So many areas were hit bad by severe weather and tornadoes in Wisconsin. I am almost finished hooking a 2x3 rug and can't wait to show everyone. Take care.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

An invite into an late 1700s home

Hello everyone, Just thought I'd tell you about one of our encounters with a wonderful gentleman artist names Edward Brown. We had met him when we went to this really wonderful old mill that had been redone into a restaurant. It was amazing! Just put this into your imagination.....upon opening the door to the restaurant being greeted with a wonderful log cabin smokey scent, then add dimmly lit candle lites all around and the wooden walls and floors as a backdrop....WOW! Anyways, we were admiring the mill and atmosphere of this place and my husband happened to get up and go to the end of the bar and introduced himself to this kind older man sitting by himself admiring the conversations unfolding by others. The man and Ross had exchanged very simular interests in old structures and of course the mill. I was introduced to him, he is a very colorful person. He invited us to his home to give us a tour. Wow, it had a walk in hearth fireplace that had a crackling fire. And anyways lots of interesting pcs to boot. One I took a picture of was this wall hanging pc which was a solid pewter rabbit upsidedown on a wooden plaque. I never seen anything of its kind. So enjoy a peek into his home which he generously let me take pics of our tour. And I took his picture also. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Verdict is in on Vermont

Hello my friends, I and my husband are enjoying every minute in Ludlow Vermont. I think we covered the whole state (its not very big) . I cannot begin to tell you of all the wonderful people we have met. Many have invited us into their homes and not even knowing us. We have been antiquing the whole state. Found several treasures. But for the most part antique shops are far and few between. I did not find one primitive store here. There is no country register to check into. So that was a little disappointing. And there were several antique shops that were very very pricey. It makes my store prices seem like a Walmart bargain so to speak. That just goes to show it all depends on the demographics. The scenery is just beautiful. Lots of mountains.
Have been learning alot at the Fletcher farm school for arts taught by Amy Oxford. So many techniques I have learned and shading and working with lots of different textures. Just love it all. They have been long days but well worth it all. We had also visited early during weekend an old cemetary called holly hill cemetary in Vermont in an old town which quarrys marble. So all the Stones are done in marble and let me tell you what art work! This cemetary has so many different sculptures (headstones) I will try to post some. Hope to be back home next week. Missing my family, friends and store. Our Old mill has its foundation poured under it and should be ready to have building set down on it soon. Will keep you posted on this journey. Take care.

We had also met a colorful gentleman that invited Ross and I to his home today. He had redone a late 1700's house. Wow, I was so jealous! A house to dye for. Well enjoy the pics. I put a few of Niagra falls pics on here to. Will post later.