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Monday, April 19, 2010

Smart Bird!!!!

I wanted to tell you about a cute story. My husband earlier this spring went to clean out our bluebird houses. One birdhouse was located in my sweet annie patch. When he went to clean this house out it smelled really nice. My husband said that he had to think of what that smell reminded him of , and when it dawned on him that the nest was built from pcs of sweet annie, he thought "Smart Bird".

Peek into my sitting room

Hi folks, Hope everyone is enjoying this weather. Ive been busy on the road for the past several weeks bringing back a load of neat, wonderful things each time. Lots of new stuff arriving daily. I will try to take some pics soon. A few times I thought that I would take a pic of a new piece and then someone bought it. Good for me. I think the economy is picking up, lots of larger pieces of furniture going to a new home. I thought that I would share another pic of inside my sitting room in my home for now. I did a little rearraging. The horse on top of my pie safe is one of my favs. I love old wooden horses. Well I will write something more worthy later. Enjoy.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A little Road trip in Iowa today

My husband Ross and I decided it was to nice to work today, so we ventured off into Iowa. By golly if there isnt some pretty views over there. We went into Elkader to check out an antique mall there, and found info on an old mill located just 7 miles in the country on a gravel road. So we just had to venture there and check it out. WOW. Old stone buildings, and a river and hills to boot, set the mood to just relax and step back in time. We had a bite to eat and a little wine and then decided to hike around the building on a trail of course. I took a few pics for you to see. Just love old stone buildings. It is my grandest wish to live and own a stone house from early 18oos . Enjoy the pics.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More new pics of inside my home

Such a beautiful, but windy day today. Had the day off so I knew that I needed to do some cleaning. Thought Id share some photos of inside my house.

Friday, April 2, 2010

moving things around again

Hello to all, Been crazy busy at the store lately. I think everyone has spring fever. Ive been trying to clean house at the store. Lots of goodies going into the clearance bin. Took a few pics of inside the store in a few areas that are newly arranged. I woke up this am with birds singing away. Love it. My favorite sounds are at night to hear the frogs and crickets. Throw in a little thunder in the background and Im loving it.
So glad that my taxes are done. What a pain in the A... It takes me months to prepare paperwork just to take to the CPA. Also have had this chest cold for 5 wks now. Wish it would go away. Today woke up as though Im getting sicker again. Feels like a bad cold. I am always bragging how I never get sick, oh well. Have a happy easter!!!!