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Friday, April 2, 2010

moving things around again

Hello to all, Been crazy busy at the store lately. I think everyone has spring fever. Ive been trying to clean house at the store. Lots of goodies going into the clearance bin. Took a few pics of inside the store in a few areas that are newly arranged. I woke up this am with birds singing away. Love it. My favorite sounds are at night to hear the frogs and crickets. Throw in a little thunder in the background and Im loving it.
So glad that my taxes are done. What a pain in the A... It takes me months to prepare paperwork just to take to the CPA. Also have had this chest cold for 5 wks now. Wish it would go away. Today woke up as though Im getting sicker again. Feels like a bad cold. I am always bragging how I never get sick, oh well. Have a happy easter!!!!