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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feels like spring at Yore

Good day to all,

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Just thought Id post a few new pics of something springy inside the store. I added a few handmade bunny people. I sure hope the weatherman is wrong for the next few days of forecast. up to 8 inches? uuuuhhhhhgggg!!!

I guess maybe, I will get to my housework, and try to get a start on my taxes since I will be snowed in. I might even bake a few apple pies. I need those like I need a hole in the head. If you never made pies with splenda ( sugar free sweetener) you should try it to save calories, It tastes the same as the real sugar.

Does anyone know where I could buy a double white high back, long front apron old farmhouse kitchen sink? I have been on the search for one for a while now. Will want it for my next home built someday, after we sell this home. Well here are the pics hope you like them.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is it spring Yet?

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not wrote anything in a while, been so busy. But will try harder. I plan to take my camera everywhere I go now. So that I can share pics of neat houses, scenery, ect. It is cold here but so pretty. Just had new snow fall yesterday. about 4 inches. I think all my customers have that decorating bug in them now. Everyone tells me of there decorating jobs they have going. I as well have big plans to do something different in my house this year. Bedroom makeover, bathroom makeover, whatever I can get around to doing I will.

I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice gal and her husband. Her name is Chris and she has walnutridge primitives. Im sure most of you already know her. She said so many nice things about my store. No I did not pay her to say any of it. Its always nice to know people enjoy my store from the minute that they walk in.

Well todays my birthday, and I feel like crap! My throat feels scratchy. Oh well. At least the good lord gave me another birthday to celebrate and I thank him for that. I am in the process of shifting and rearranging the store again. I do this quite often. I have to do this in sections, but of course, when you try to keep to one area, it does not work because you are getting things from other areas as well, so you create a huge mess before things get better.

I will take some new photos and post them. Well its my couch potatoe night tonight. Some pretty good shows on. Hope everyone has a good night.