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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Feels like spring at Yore

Good day to all,

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. Just thought Id post a few new pics of something springy inside the store. I added a few handmade bunny people. I sure hope the weatherman is wrong for the next few days of forecast. up to 8 inches? uuuuhhhhhgggg!!!

I guess maybe, I will get to my housework, and try to get a start on my taxes since I will be snowed in. I might even bake a few apple pies. I need those like I need a hole in the head. If you never made pies with splenda ( sugar free sweetener) you should try it to save calories, It tastes the same as the real sugar.

Does anyone know where I could buy a double white high back, long front apron old farmhouse kitchen sink? I have been on the search for one for a while now. Will want it for my next home built someday, after we sell this home. Well here are the pics hope you like them.

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Victorian Country said...

HI,your store and home are beautiful, I like how you combine everythig, you gave me new inspiration for my home, also, can I ask which red did you use in your home, its really outstanding, !!!!!!!!!!!