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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Travels in Vermont

Hi folks, Ross and I are in New York just about to Vermont which is our destination (Ludlow). I am here to take classes At Fletcher Farm school of Arts. Amy Oxford is my instructor. I hopefully will become certified as a teacher in rug hooking. Today we are hopefully going to find some awesome antique shops . We have been on interstates most of time. Time to get off the beaten path for a while. We did visit the Niagra falls. It was quite amazing. We have had sunshine the past few days on our travels. We still have a week and half to go before getting back home. Does anyone now of any cool shops or antique stores to visit in this area? Please let me know. Will play show and tell if I find any great finds. Tata for now. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, March 7, 2011


WOW! What a journey. The mill was moved without anything falling off of it. There was a time or two that the truck pulling had gotten stuck. It is a 140 thousand lb baby they are pulling after all. It had reached its final destination. Ross and I are so excited to get started in renovations. Where do you begin you say? Well first a roof, foundation to set it onto, windows, flooring, insulation to start. We are hoping to retain the old cedar siding. Anyways I have tons of pics. I will post some of inside later. I did post a pic here of inside with some old grain thingamabobs. (dont know what you would call them). Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

E3048 Marble Quarry, Bear Creek, Wisconsin 53577

E3048 Marble Quarry, Bear Creek, Wisconsin 53577 click on address here to tour our home.

Thought I would invite you to tour our home. This video was taken about 7 months ago by our realtor when we had it listed for sale. We decided that we did not want to sell it after all and hope that we will one day have our rug hooking/crafters retreat . Of course there would be many changes to the decor and some rooms to accomodate hookers/crafters down the road. Anyhoooo.....enjoy! Wish the weather was as nice as this day was.