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Thursday, April 7, 2011

An invite into an late 1700s home

Hello everyone, Just thought I'd tell you about one of our encounters with a wonderful gentleman artist names Edward Brown. We had met him when we went to this really wonderful old mill that had been redone into a restaurant. It was amazing! Just put this into your imagination.....upon opening the door to the restaurant being greeted with a wonderful log cabin smokey scent, then add dimmly lit candle lites all around and the wooden walls and floors as a backdrop....WOW! Anyways, we were admiring the mill and atmosphere of this place and my husband happened to get up and go to the end of the bar and introduced himself to this kind older man sitting by himself admiring the conversations unfolding by others. The man and Ross had exchanged very simular interests in old structures and of course the mill. I was introduced to him, he is a very colorful person. He invited us to his home to give us a tour. Wow, it had a walk in hearth fireplace that had a crackling fire. And anyways lots of interesting pcs to boot. One I took a picture of was this wall hanging pc which was a solid pewter rabbit upsidedown on a wooden plaque. I never seen anything of its kind. So enjoy a peek into his home which he generously let me take pics of our tour. And I took his picture also. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.


Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

fabulous!!....how nice of him to give you a tour of his home...what a wonderful bottle collection! Love the hearth.

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

beautiful interesting pictures! Thanks for sharing!

katie said...

What an amazing place. So nice of him to invite you in and allow you to take pictures. WOW

KittyWampus said...

WOW!! Oh my HECK!!! Lucky you and your DH!! What a wonderful place into which to be invited!!

Primsue said...

Hi Theresa, how wonderful to meet such a colorful gentleman and get to tour his home. I'm sure it was an awesome experience.

I discovered your blog through The Middle Sister and just became your 100th follower. I invite you to visit my blog - http://primsue.blogspot.com/.

Have a blessed week,