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Monday, May 10, 2010

New pics of inside store

Hi Everyone, Hope all you mothers had a nice mothers day. I know I did. Finally have a few minutes to post some new pics of a section of the store that I had rearranged. Hope you like. I have been very busy on the road most of the time. Lots of new items being added every day almost. Lots of pcs leaving, sometimes I just get them on the floor and decorated and then they sell by the next day. Thats a good problem to have. So I think that the economy is comming around, slow, but sure. Boy, some days my husband and I put over 400 miles on our van, traveling and filling up our van plus our trailer, unload, and back on the road again. We could almost do it in our sleep. We love what we do. So I must go, lots to do. Hope you stop by sometime in our store, would love to meet you. Take care.