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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love big and old things

So I like big things, what can I say. Im talking furniture! The huge mustard color cabinet was just painted and finished by my wonderful husbane Ross. This piece we have had in his shop for quite some time. He painstakenly sanded the old yuchy color off and a lot more Im sure. It will make a grand piece in someones home. Cant wait to get it to the shop (when I find room). The other piece is awesome, and guess what.....Its in my kitchen now. Yep, my husband talked me into putting it in my kitchen, because of its uniqueness and grandeur. Well what was I to say? Would you say no to your husband if he wanted you to have an awesome cupboard in your kitchen? I doubt it.

It has a little bit of mustard and blue paint in the back and minimal amts on a side. Character. Besides, the blue matches my ol' blue wood burning kitchen stove. My husband is awesome. Thank you Ross. It was a real bear to get into the house. Soooooo Heavy. But we managed without a scratch on the floor. Thank you lord. When I also find time I will post pics of some other wonderful pcs we have just added to the store. The store is just packed full of wonderful finds. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful memorial day.. Thank you to all of you Vets that have served and are still serving our country!!!! This country would not be the same without all your help.