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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Old man winter is here

Hi folks, Hope that you are all keeping warm. Way below zero here with the sun shining. Lots of snow. But its so pretty. We will definately have a white christmas. What better way to pass time than to rug hook. Here is my first piece that I have finished hooking. Just have to complete the rest (hemming, stitching, ironing). This is my original design. I love old barns and houses. Looking forward to doing another. Its so addicting. So many things that my husband and I are thinking about doing this next year. Will keep you all posted as things if and when they happen. Just great things that keep us excited about what we enjoy doing! So here are a few pics of my rug hooking chair pad (my design, 1st one), and a shot out my back door looking at our cabin and the back yard hills. Lastly, a pic of a spot in our bathroom that I decorated. Moved a small cupboard bottom in the room, added a small cupboard top that my husband mad out of a small book case. He then added wainscott doors and stained it. Looks like a small version of a stepback cupboard. Just love it! Well lets hope for an early spring. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


Gayle said...

Your hooked chair pad is a great design and looks like it will feel right at home there! Glad I found your blog - I look forward to getting to know you!

Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Your new possible home has amazing potential! Looking forward to seeing it come to life if you adopt it! Beautiful blog you have, very cozy and warm! Have a wonderful New Year!
Take Care,