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Thursday, August 19, 2010

loads of goodies heading back from out east

Hello everyone, Just dropping a line to let you all know that I have so many goodies comming to our store. Ive ordered new things and am bringing back sooooome awesome pieces back to the store. Looking forward to our fall open house Sept 3, thru 5th. dont forget our Fall tour of homes comming October 3rd, Sunday 11 am til 4 pm. Can purchase tickets thru our store for 13.00 or 15.oo at the door of one of the houses day of tour. And must we not forget that I am cleaning out our store and other storage areas for our first annual barn sale event going on same time as our fall open house. dont want to miss this one. Things marked down up to 75 percent off. Need to make room for new items. We are also in the works to have Rug hooking kits available for purchase along with punch needle. Hopefully in January or Febuary will have most of it. We will have some at this time (rug hooking kits). Pretty nice If I must say so myself. Well our house should be on the market by next week. Keep your fingers crossed that it sells quickly. I want so much to have our saltbox house built and my so called little village of items for sale even in our barn, all just within a few miles of our store. Pipe dreams thus far. Its fun to dream. I thought it would be great to have our village of shops and our store decked out someday for christmas, even the railroad depot that we own in Gotham a few blocks from our store. We will get there but contingient on sale of our house. well we are in indiana staying the night heading back home. Will take a few weeks to get everything inventoried and priced. So please be patient. And for everyone calling regarding tickets for the tour of homes.....should be available within another week I was told. will post when they become for sale. Have a great evening. Take care.

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