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Monday, July 26, 2010

Our First antique show

Hello to all. Well Ive been busy as usual. We decided to try an antique/flea market this past Saturday. Wow, what a lot of work. Not just the day of, but having to prepare the days before too. The weather was hot and it was miserable! It was a show that started at 5 pm til midnite. We were told that it was a good show to be in so we gave it a try. We thought that it was not as good of a show as we have seen at others. We will not be going to that one again. We will be trying another few before we do give up and decide that its to much work. Met alot of wonderful people however. I am also redoing my laundry room (painting, flooring) Almost done there. Now its onto the Kitchen with painting. Hope everyone is staying cool and dry these summer days. As you can see Ive figured out a few new things on this blog. I knew after playing around with this I would eventually figure it out. Well its late here and I should be getting to bed. Have a great week everyone. Here is a pic of our first trade show. Shows just half of what we had there.

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