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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Redecorating bedroom number one

Well, Here I go decorating one of the 5 bedrooms. This used to be my youngest sons room. He is out on his own now, so I decided to redecorate. Bedding I had got at the store, rug, at the store, blue dress...at the store, curtains....at the store, lamp....at the store.... so its a start. Not quite done, but happy with the results.


Janice said...

It looks wonderful! Keep posting pics, I need more ideas. Do you sell bedding online?

Janice said...

It looks wonderful! I am trying to decorate my bedroom in a similar style. Do you sell bedding online anywhere? I am having a difficult time finding some.


Hi Janet, I hope to give you and others more ideas as soon as possible. And yes, I do sell bedding , pillows, ect. Anything in particular your looking for let me know,and Ill see if I have it or can get it for you. Take care.